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  1. 全自动捆扎机 real.jpg
  2. 全自动捆扎机.jpg
  3. 宁乡半自动打包机1.jpg

Automatic Brick Packing Equipment

It can reduce the loading time and labor intensity. The bricks are almost no damage during transportation and loading and unloading, reduce the stacking area of the material yard, and it is easy to count. The customer can get on the train during use.

Product Details


1: Put the strapping head from the top of the brick to the side. Since the head does not need to move toward the brick without moving through the rack, the strapping time will be reduced.

2: The operator does not need to carry heavy tools and climb to the top of the rack to deal with the problem of the strapping head. It is not necessary to enter the strapping work area when replacing the strap.

3: The strapping head is on the side of the brick, which can provide more pulling force so that the strap can form a higher and consistent tensioning retention on the brick surface, which will better maintain the stability of the brick shape and prevent the forklift. The bricks are slack and droop when transported on bumpy roads.

Product Application

This system is used for palletizing the bricks after cooling out of the kiln.

      After the bricks are cooled out of the kiln, the single-row stacking is carried out on the hanging basket conveyor according to the size of the brick according to a certain form. After the stacking is completed, the single-row bricks are pushed to the first baler by the on-line push brick device. In the position, the single-row bricks are bundled by the automatic baler; after the four single-row bricks are bundled, the four single-row bricks are transported by the powered roller conveyor to the lower-line brick-making station. Pushing the brick device down, pushing 4 single-row bricks to the second bundling station, and bundling the single-row bricks. Two (or one) plastic strips are used in this direction; After the bundling is completed, the next brick squeezing is pushed onto the unloaded conveyor on the unpowered roller conveyor to the finished product discharge station, and the forklift is taken directly to the vehicle or temporarily stored in the stockyard.

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