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PET Strapping

PET (Polyester) Strap a new environment-friendly packaging material instead of steel strapping,PP strapping,etc.Manual PET plastic-steel strapping is mainly used for wood,steel,chemicals,cotton,linen and other packaging.

Product Details

PET strapping features:

    (1) Strong tensile strength: It has the tensile strength of the steel strip and the ductility that the steel strip does not have, which can ensure the safety of the articles.

    (2) Small elongation: It is one-sixth of the PP belt and can maintain the tension for a long time.

    (3) High temperature resistance: the melting point is 260 degrees, and the deformation is not changed below 120 degrees.

    (4) Good flexibility: safe operation, no damage to the hands, no damage to the bundled objects.

    (5) Beautiful and rust-free: the color is bright and will not pollute the bundled objects.

    (6) Good economic efficiency: The specific gravity is one-sixth of the steel belt, which can reduce the cost of use.

Product Application


PET plastic-steel strapping is a new environment-friendly packaging material instead of steel strapping,PP strapping,etc.Manual PET plastic-steel strapping is mainly used for wood,steel,chemicals,cotton,linen and other packaging. At present,our company' automatic PET plastic-steel strapping is one of the few ultra-high quality packaging product in China which can support the imported packaging equipment.

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