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PET Buckle Strap

PET (Polyester) Buckle Strap a new environment-friendly packaging material instead of steel strapping,PP strapping,etc. Manual PET buckle strapping is mainly used for wood,steel,chemicals,cotton,linen and other packaging.

Product Details

The high-performance PET strapping tape completely exceeds the performance requirements of the wire and PP belt. When the number of strapping strips is reduced, not only can the original packaging tension be exceeded, but also the original package type is neat and beautiful. Linear buckles, round buckles and traditional buckles can meet the packaging requirements of “cotton, chemical fiber, cotton and vice” products. It is recommended that you use the new patented linear buckle with more tension on the interface. Strong, performance is more stable.

Product Application


PET plastic-steel buckle strapping is a new environment-friendly packaging material instead of steel strapping,PP strapping,etc.Manual PET plastic-steel buckle strapping is mainly used for wood,steel,chemicals,cotton,linen and other packaging. At present,our company' automatic PET plastic-steel buckle strapping is one of the few ultra-high quality packaging product in China which can support the imported packaging equipment.

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