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Independent packaging is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in R & D and service building materials industry packaging equipment and supplies. The company integrated domestic brick enterprises to consider the cost, safety, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, with fifteen years of accumulated product development for building materials industry of high-quality brick pet packing belt, edge belt and all kinds of manual packing tools, and R & D brick semi automatic packing equipment, the packing belt and equipment is now fully into the market for five years, becoming one of the earliest brick service industry enterprises. Rich product line, convenient service for many domestic enterprises kiln users. The self will be "innovative automation, improve productivity for the development the direction of inheritance for years in colored cotton, electronic, sheet, successful experience in papermaking industry, learn and absorb foreign advanced technology of packaging, will develop more high-quality building materials Type of packaging products. We have rich experience in packaging, mature production technology, excellent service team, self selection, self trust for your private custom, in the most cost-effective mode only to provide you with the integration of building materials packaging solutions.

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